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Profile of the Author Profile 是“个人简历,基本资料”的意思,一般作“简介”理解。

如果初一,可以用Brief Introduction 这个词组来表示,一个意思



A famous expert in the field of logistic and supply chain, professor of supply chain management department of Georgia Polytechnic collage, and supply chain Senior Project Director. Former American's Chairman of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). Also had won an award for Outstanding Contribution. At present, his main research field includes the supply chain strategy, supply chain relations and logistic outsourcing service.

(题目)Title: Supply Chain Management (标准译法)

人名: C.小约翰.兰格拿



主要人物简介:the brief introduction of main characters

作者简介:About the author/the brief introduction of the writer



姓名(出生年-), 性别(民族——汉族可省略),籍贯, 职称, 学位,简历以及研究方向(任选)。在简介前加 “作者简介:”或 “[作者简介]”作为标识。例:

作者简介:乌兰娜(1968- ),女(蒙古族),内蒙古达拉特旗人,内蒙古大学历史学系副教授 ,博士 ,1994年赴美国哈佛大学研修,主要从事蒙古学研究。

二、同一篇文章的其他主要作者简介可以在同一 “作者简介:”或“[作者简介]”的标识后相继列出,其间以分号“;”隔开,最后以“.”或“。”结束。

三、英文文章的作者简介用 “Biography:”(单一作者)或“Biographies:”(多作者)作为标识。



  Now I am going to recommend you a book, the book title is "Three Days to See". The author is Helen Keller. It tells the real story of the author's life before the age of 21, including the life experience of how did she overcome the inconvenience and pain as a girl who is blind and deaf, finally break through the darkness, and feel the light inside. "Three Days to See" is Helen Keller's most important and representative work, expressed her desire for the future and yearning for a better life, it also told people to cherish life, give love and caring to the other people and society. I like this book very much, hope you can also appreciate it.




" How to make steel " is a Soviet writer Nicola Ostrovsky's novel, written in 1933. The novel by Paul KeChaJin's growing road, tell people, a person only in the revolution to defeat the enemy in the difficulties and hardships can overcome their own, only in their pursuit and the motherland, the people's interests linked together, will create a miracle, only the growth of the iron soldier. The revolutionaries in the struggle to be toughened and hardened into steel, is an important theme of the novel.


布莱恩 J. 吉布森

罗伯特 A. 诺瓦克


Percy Bysshe Shelley was an English poet of the early nineteenth century. He is widely thought of as one of most important poets of the Romantic movement in English literature. Some of his poems, like Ozymandias and Ode to the West Wind, are among the most famous in English.

Shelley was born in Horsham, Sussex. He was the son of a member of Parliament. He attended the University of Oxford, for only one year; he was expelled for being an atheist.[1] In his own time Shelley was very unpopular for his political and religious views and for his personal conduct. He married young, but left his wife to run away with Mary Godwin. After Shelley's first wife committed suicide, Shelley married Mary Godwin; she later became famous as Mary Shelley, the author of the novel Frankenstein.

Shelley left England and spent much of his life travelling in Europe, especially in Italy. He became a close friend of poet Lord Byron, who also left England and travelled in Europe because of controversy at home. Shelley continued to write poetry throughout this time; he wrote several major works, like the verse drama The Cenci and long poems like Alastor and Adonais, as well as many shorter poems.

About a month before his 30th birthday, Shelley drowned in a boating accident off the coast of Italy. He was one of a trio of important English Romantic poets of the same generation who died young; the other two were Lord Byron and John Keats.








这篇论文标题是”智能车的智能遥控“ , 三个孟加拉的大学老师写的,两个是Stamford大学的,一个Islamic University of Technology(伊斯兰技术大学)的



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  • 目前有哪些主要跨境电商平台 亚马逊、eBay、速卖通、wish、lazada等等,但是最主要的就是这几个吧 什么是电商运营 电子商务运营-Electronic Commerce Operation(ECO)最初定义为电子商务平台