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By the way, did you know that this is because you become addicted in three different ways? 这儿我想顺便问你一个问题,你知道上瘾有三个方面的原因吗? First, you can become physically addicted to nicotine, which is one of the hundreds of chemicals in cigarettes. 首先,你会在身体上对尼古丁有瘾,它是香烟里几百种化学物质之一。 This means that after a while your body becomes accustomed to having nicotine in it. 这句是说,过一段时间以后,你的身体习惯了香烟里的尼古丁, So when the drug leaves your body, you get withdrawal symptoms. 一旦你的体内没有这种麻醉剂了,你就会有断瘾症状, I remember feeling bad-tempered and sometimes even in pain. 我记得曾感到烦躁、甚至痛苦。Secondly, you become addicted through habit. 其次你也可能因为习惯的原因而上瘾。As you know, if you do the same thing over and over again, you begin to do it automatically. 你知道,如果你反反复复地做同一件事情,你就会自动地做它。Lastly, you can become mentally addicted. 最后,你可以心理上瘾。 I believed I was happier and more relaxed after having a cigarette, so I began to think that I could only feel good when I smoked. 我那时认为,抽了一支烟后就会感到更轻松愉快,于是我就以为抽烟才能使自己感觉良好。 I was addicted in all three ways, so it was very difficult to quit. 我之所以上瘾就有着这三个方面的原因,因此,要戒烟就很难。But I did finally manage.但是我终于还是戒掉了。 When I was young, I didn't know much about the harmful effects of smoking. 在我年轻的时候,关于吸烟的危害性我知道的并不多。 I didn't know, for example, that it could do terrible damage to your heart and lungs or that it was more difficult for smoking couples to become pregnant. 例如,我不知道抽烟能严重侵害人的心脏和肺部,也不知道吸烟的夫妇生育能力会下降。 I certainly didn't know their babies may have a smaller birth weight or even be abnormal in some way. 我当然不知道他们的婴儿在出生时可能体重较轻或某些方面不正常。Neither did I know that my cigarette smoke could affect the health of non-smokers. 我更不知道,我自己吸烟还会损害那些不吸烟人的健康。However, what I did know was that my girlfriend thought I smelt terrible. 然而我的的确确知道,我的女朋友觉得我的烟味很难闻。 She said my breath and clothes smelt, and that the ends of my fingers were turning yellow. 她说我的呼吸、我的衣服都有味道,而且我的手指头都变黄了。 She told me that she wouldn't go out with me again unless I stopped! 她说在我把烟戒掉之前不会跟我一起出去。I also noticed that I became breathless quickly, and that I wasn't enjoying sport as much. 我还注意到我的呼吸变得急促,并且使我不那么喜爱运动了。 When I was taken off the school football team because I was unfit, I knew it was time to quit smoking. 而由于我身体不健康被校足球队除名之后,我才知道该是我戒烟的时候了。

高二英语选修六(人教版)第三单元课文翻译:ADVICE FROM GRANDAD

高二英语选修六(人教版)第三单元课文翻译:ADVICE FROM GRANDAD





  这儿我想顺便问你一个问题,你知道上瘾有三个方面的原因吗?首先,你会在身体上对尼古丁有瘾,它是香烟里几百种化学物质之一。这就是说,过一段时间以后,你的身体习惯了香烟里的尼古丁,一旦你的体内没有这种麻醉剂了,你就会有断瘾症状,我记得曾感到烦燥、甚至痛苦。其次你也可能因为习惯的原因而上瘾。你知道,如果你反反复复地做同一件事情,你就会自动地做它。最后,你可以心理上瘾。我 那时认为,抽了一支烟后就会感到更轻松愉快,于是我就以为抽烟才能使自己感觉良好。我之所以上瘾是有着这三个方面的原因的,因此,要戒烟就很难。但是我终于还是戒掉了。

  在我年轻的时候,关于吸烟的危害性我知道得并不多。例如,我不知道抽烟能严重侵害人的心脏和肺部,也不知道吸烟的夫妇生育能力会下降。我当然不知道他们的婴儿在出生时可能体重较轻或在某些方面不正常。我更不知道,我自己吸烟还会损害那些不吸烟人的健康。然而我的的确确知道,我的女朋友觉得我的烟味很难闻。她说我的呼吸、我的衣服都有味道,而且我的手指头都变黄了。她说在我把烟戒掉之前 她是不会同我一起外出的。我也发现我跑步很快就气喘,也不像以前那样爱好运动了。而当我因为不健康 而被校足球队除名之后,我才知道该是我戒烟的时候了。

  我把我从网上找到的一些忠告寄给你,也许对你戒烟和坚定决心会有所帮助。我的确希望你把烟戒掉, 因为我希望你能像我这样活得健康长寿



In the second section of the report many concrete problems are mentioned, and they must be solved at once.

He'll prepare a special drink for you. That is made up of fresh fruit juice, yoghurt and eggs.

You'll get better more quickly if you take it easy for a while.

If Emily had not teased the cat, the beautiful vase would not have been knocked over.

He loves poems, in particular Tang poems.

I would like to try out that new Sichuan restaurant round the corner.

There is bare minimum of furniture in that cottage.

She's afraid of snakes. When she sees one, she always lets out a scream.

Don't forget to put in a compass when you load the box for expedition.


Unit 1


Art is influenced by the customs and faith of a people. Styles in Western art have changed many times. As there are so many different styles of Western art, it would be impossible to describe all of them in such a short text. Consequently, this text will describe only the most important ones. Starting from the sixth century AD.

The Middle Ages(5th to the 15th century AD)

During the Middle Ages, the main aim of painters was to represent religious themes. A conventional artistof this period was not interested in showing nature and people as they really were. A typical picture at this time was full of religious symbols, which created a feeling of respect and love for God. But it was evident that ideas were changing in the 13th century when painters like Giotto di Bondone began to paint religious scenes in a more realistic way.

The Renaissance(15th to 16th century)

During the Renaissance, new ideas and values gradually replaced those held in the Middle Ages. People began to concentrate less on religious themes and adopt a more humanistic attitude to life.At the same time painters returned to classical Roman and Greek ideas about art. They tried to paint people and nature as they really were. Rich people wanted to possess their own paintings, so they coule decorate their superb palaces and great houses. They paid famous artists to paint pictures of themselves, their houses and possessions as well as their activities and achievements.

One of the most important discoveries during this period was how to draw things in perspective. This technique was first used by Masaccio in 1428. When people first saw his paintings, they were convinced that they were looking through a hole in a wall at a real scene. If the rules of perspective had not been discovered, no one would have been able to paint such realistic pictures. By coincidence,oil paints were also developed at this time, which made the colours used in paintings look richer and deeper. Without the new paints and the new technique, we would not be able to see the many great masterpieces for which this period is famous.

Impressionism(late 19h to early 20th century)

In the late 19th century, Europe changed a great deal,from a mostly agricultural society to a mostly industrial one. Many people moved from the countryside to the new cities. There were many new inventions and social changes also led to new painting styles. Among the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting were the Impressionists, who lived and worke in Paris.

The Impressionists were the first painters to work outdoors. They were eager to show how light and shadow fell on objects at different times of day. However, because natural light changes so quickly, the Impressionists had to paint quickly. Their paintings were not as detailed as those of earlier painters. At first, many people disliked this style of painting and became very angry about it. They said that the painters were careless and their paintings were ridiculous.

Modern Art(29th century to today)

At the time they were created, the Impressionist paintings were controversial, but today they are accepeted as the beginning of what we call “modern art”. This is because the Impressionists encouraged artists to look at their environment in new ways. There are scores of modern art styles,but without the Impressionists, many of these painting styles might not exsist. On the one hand, some modern art is abstract; that is, the painter does not attempt to paint objects as we see them with our eyes, but instead concentrates n certain qualities of the object, using colour, line and shape to represent them. On the other hand, some paintings of modern art are so realistic that they look like photographs. These styles are so different. Who can predict what painting styles there will be in the future?

急求高中英语选修六第三单元的一篇课文,就是书上名为grandfather^s advice


    I think our conference was very successful on the whole. Professor Brown's presentation was warmly received.

    There is a wide range of energy sources:coal,oil,natural gas,water power,nuclear power and so on.

    Since your bicycle is broken,you can use mine,so long as you take care of it.

    Sue often buys food at the nearby store and heats it in the microwave for lunch.Then she drinks a can of Coke to refresh herself and goes back to the office.

    I would like to thank Mr Smith on behalf of the school for his work as a scholar,an engineer and an educator.

    She is opposed to war,cruelty to animals,racism and so on with a commitment to help all living things.

    His programme has been passed smoothly because most of the representatives in the conference subscribed to it.

    In recent years,the winter temperature in this region tends to go up,and pollution is one of the main reasons which have resulted in this temperature raise.

    His main contribution to our country is his suggestions on controlling population growth.

    The chairman of the conference stated that though the people at present are in disagreement on some issues,they are in agreement with each other on environmental protection.

    The existence of life in outer space is still a mystery.

    Experts said that the global temperature would show a tendency to increase.





I was 16 when I began work in June 1902 at the whaling station. I had heard of the killers that every year helped whalers catch huge whales. I thought, at the time, that this was just a story but then I witnessed it with my own eyes many times.

On the afternoon I arrived at the station, as I was I sorting out my' accommodation, I heard a loud noise coming from the bay. We ran down to the shore in time to see an enormous animal opposite us throwing itself out of the water and then crashing down again. It was black and white and fish-shaped. But I knew it wasn't a fish.

"That's Old Tom, the killer," one of the whalers, George, called out to me. "He's telling us there's a whale out there for us."

Another whaler yelled out, "Rush-oo ...rush-oo." This was the call that announced there was about to be a whale hunt.

"Come on, Clancy. To the boat," George said as he ran ahead of me. I had already heard that George didn't like being kept waiting, so even though I didn't have the right clothes on, I raced after him.

Without pausing we jumped into the boat with the other whalers and headed out into the bay. I looked down into the water and could see Old Tom swimming by the boat, showing us the way. A few minutes later, there was no Tom, so George started beating the water with his oar and there was Tom, circling back to the boat, leading us to the hunt again.

Using a telescope we could see that something was happening. As we drew closer, I could see a whale being attacked by a pack of about six other killers.

"What're they doing?" I asked George.

"Well, it's teamwork - the killers over there are throwing themselves on top of the whale's blow-hole to stop it breathing. And those others are stopping it diving or fleeing out to sea," George told me, pointing towards the hunt. And just at that moment, the most extraordinary thing happened. The killers started racing between our boat and the whale just like a pack of excited dogs.

Then the harpoon was ready and the man in the bow of the boat aimed it at the whale. He let it go and the harpoon hit the spot. Being badly wounded, the whale soon died. Within a moment or two, its body was dragged swiftly by the killers down into the depths of the sea. The men started turning the boat around to go home.

"What's happened?" I asked. "Have we lost the whale?"

"Oh no," Jack replied. "We'll return tomorrow to bring in the body. It won't float up to the surface for around 24 hours." "In the meantime, Old Tom, and the others are having a good feed on its lips and tongue," added Red, laughing.

Although Old Tom and the other killers were fierce hunters, they, never harmed or attacked people. In fact, they protected them. There was one day when we were out in the bay during a hunt and James was washed off the boat.

"Man overboard! Turn the boat around!" urged George, shouting loudly.

The sea was rough that day and it was difficult to handle the boat. The waves were carrying James further and further away from us. From James's face, I could see he was terrified of being abandoned by us. Then suddenly I saw a shark.

"Look, there's a shark out there," I screamed.

"Don't worry, Old Tom won't let it near," Red replied.

It took over half an hour to get the boat back to James, and when we approached him, I saw James being firmly held up in the water by Old Tom. I couldn't believe my eyes.

There were shouts of "Well done, Old Tom" and 'Thank God" as we pulled James back into the boat. And then Old Tom was off and back to the hunt where the other killers were still attacking the whale.





另一个捕鲸者大声喊道:“HASO OO…RASO OO。”这是一个宣告即将捕鲸的呼声。



















1I have the greatest job in the world. travel to unusual places and work alongside people from all over the world sometimes working outdoors sometimes in an office sometimes using scientific equipment and sometimes meeting local people and tourists I am never bored although my job is occasionally dangerous I don't mind because danger excites me and makes me feel alive However the most important thing about my job is that I heIp protect ordinary people from one of the most powerful forces on earth-the volcano.


2I was appointed as a volcanologist working for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) twenty years ago My job is collecting information for a database about Mount KiLauea which is one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii Having collected and evaluated the information I help oyher scientists to predict where lava from the path of the lava can be warned to leave their houses Unfortunately we cannot move their homes out of the way and many houses have been covered with lava or burned to the ground.















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