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Thus, many online shopping platforms attach importance to the quality of goods, so does Jumei.

The following is the product procurement process of Jumei: qualification review, sample inspection, warehousing inspection. This will guarantee that every item they send is qualified.

Here is a campus survey of Jumei carried out in a university of post and telecommunications. We can tell from the graph that the satisfaction of logistic and after-sale service is low.















Time- The world's fastest and slowest, longest and shortest, the most unusual and most valuable,most vulnerable to neglect and most other people regret. Step by step, one-way trip, has gone far and never stop, through seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and a build-up, months, years, on behalf of. Gorky said: "Time is the most fair and reasonable, from a few to whom. Hard-working people can call to leave time for strings of fruit, those lazy time they left a white-haired, empty-handed." We can not allow time to stay But time can do meaningful things. Writer of the Eastern Han Cui Yuan, Guan Zhi Ji with the North. When he was 40-year-old Ren Jun Li, as a result of the unfortunate matter be put behind bars. When he heard that there is a good jailer "ceremony", will pay close attention to all the time to learn from him, when warders trial, he also took the opportunity to ask the relevant issues. He's such a treat to learn the spirit of each of us to set an example. Time is the life of the unit, some people often use the same time a lot of things to do than others. U.S. inventor Thomas Edison's major life work of ecstasy, have become the 2000 invention of a number of inventions king. When he was in the 79-year-old birthday is proud to announce; "according to the calculation of the workload of ordinary people, I have a 135-year-old."

"Time inch of an inch of gold, gold-inch inch Nanmai time." Understand the reason for all, why there were loading time, the waste of life. Now many young people, can not find a job, every day in search of alcohol outside the music, or stay at home doing nothing, obviously have an adult or parents to increase the burden on a lot of these people to accidentally falling into the abyss of crime , Become "dangerous people." These people often have a "say tomorrow," the idea that they are still young, much to the pleasure-seeking, consider the work of a few years. Tomorrow after the final tomorrow, tomorrow into wasted. A "Today" value of the two "tomorrow", on the day to do things on the same day, and nothing on tomorrow, the end can not do everything.

I sometimes complain about lack of time with the Federation, to do many things did not do, but really strange time? It's like a sponge in water, is willing to squeeze as long as the total still at stake. In the final analysis is that they do not pay close attention to it, Jefferson was right when he said: "Never a waste of time, do not complain about lack of time." When you with a worried frown when you complain from time to jump in, I have great admiration for Mr. Zhu Ziqing in "Hurry" to the time of this statement. Time is not impartial and incorruptible as an emotional people, you will not stop any move by step, it will result in a waste of your time to have a laugh of contempt, and then crossed the lightly.

One of the people, time is life, time is limited, when it lost, life has come to an end. You want to use it as a calendar every day torn off, leaving only the end of a rusty calendar folder it? People alive is to achieve value, why do some people the value of life, some so small the value of life? Take a look at it carefully, and their lives are done. Some people's life continuously in the completion of those meaningful things, he's learning the value of the work reflected on the only thing to do more and do better, the greater the value of life; On the other hand, a person constantly And a waste of time, his life would be worth little.

Do you love life? So please cherish the time, because time is the composition of the life.


一, 点击菜单栏中的“审核”,打开审核相关的工具栏,点击“语言”,在打开的语言工具中我们可以看到翻译和语言工具








求 英语人工翻译... 语言是一个国家社会文化的一部分,又反应着该民族的社会文化。全球化环境下的外

Language is a part of the socio-cultural characteristics of a nation, reflecting the cultures in the society of that nation. Under globalization, the capability to communicate across languages entails the ability to comprehend various languages, and the ability to understand multiple factors in cross-cultural communication, such as but not limited to national, ethnic, and socio-cultural factors.


文言文早已经随着时代发展成现代文,我们学习文言文是为了培养情操 文学素养 ,学的是意境,技巧,古诗词的优美,而不是死记硬背文言文本身。而翻译,只是表达最基本的意思,并不能体现出文言文本身的价值,说的明白点,就是让不懂汉字的人看明白这本书的意思。就像我们读莎士比亚,看英语大片,唱Machel Jackson的歌,只是大略明白大体意思,并不能像英语国家一样深深理解它们的美妙,语言是不通的,但是每个国家的文化都是独一无二的,虽然我是学英语的,但我更喜欢李白李清照,O了吗?






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